Patient Support Programs (PSP)

Patient Support Programs (PSPs), also referred to by a variety of names, including patient solutions, patient services, and patient assistance programs, depending on who you ask, are “beyond-the-pill” services packaged with the clinical profile of a patient’s medication, medical device, or treatment.


Our industry has historically prioritized doctors and products. The movement towards placing the patient at the center of the care experience has been sparked, as was covered in my last essay, by two fundamental forces: mentality adjustments and technical developments.


The fast-developing industry is producing significant value-added services like digital therapies and remote monitoring.



Traditional service providers are therefore finding more and more opportunities to adapt to the emerging, if still fairly fragmented, future-looking healthcare delivery models.


In the future, incumbent service providers will use their current scale to combine these value-added but disparate solutions produced by Health Tech entrepreneurs, orchestrating an integrated range of digital solutions that span the whole spectrum of patient care .