Primary research is a process by which researchers gather data independently rather than relying on data from earlier studies. They “own” the data in theory. Primary research is only done to solve a specific issue that needs in-depth investigation. Research can have one of two forms: Primary Study - Secondary Study.

Our Primary Research Services

We Provide A Variety Of “Full Fledged ” As Well As “Field & Tab” Services To Different Agencies And Companies Across Different Disciplines. 

Companies and organizations have the option of doing their primary research or hiring a third party to do so. Primary research has the significant advantage of being “focused.” Just one single issue or problem is the subject of research, and all efforts are made to find answers that are relevant to that issue or problem.

Full Fledged Service

We develop a comprehensive and full market research offering, starting from the moment of having the actual brief till delivering the final report using high quality standards that equate to reliable results, where you can make better decisions.

Field & Tab

We customize the research process, field operation, data analysis and tabulation based on your need, starting by handling the research materials (screener, questionnaire, discussion guide & other supportive materials e.g. Showcard, concept..etc) till the project` table reports, associated with the raw data & its map.

We Provide A wide Range of Research Methodologies

We conduct all types of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodologies;


Qualitative Methodologies and Approaches:

– Focus Group Discussion (Full & Mini FGD)

– In-depth Interview (IDI)

– Telephonic Depth Interview (TDI)

– Dual-Depth & Triad-Depth Interview (DDI)

– Ethnography & Diary

– Observation & Mystery Shopping

– Eye Tracking


Quantitative Methodologies and Approaches:

– F2F Interview (CAPI)

– Telephonic Interview (CATI)

– Online Interviews (CAWI)

– Telephonic Assisted Web Interview (TAWI)

– Patient Record Form

– Audit

– App-Powered Resear