Online Research

Online Research

* The gaps that the current market trends are witnessing have left the room for the online research activities.

* We at DeepDive MEA believe that such a methodology would provide what the client needs exactly, yet in a faster, affordable, and flexible way.

* We provide access to more than 15,000 HCPs around the region.

Selection Process

In this stage, we are taking into account a very careful considerations for the respondent recruitment and selection (either through our panel or the client list).

Engagement Process

The Engagement can take both ways; (A) Qualitative Interviews / Focus Group Discussion as well as (B) Quantitative Interviews using TAWI Approach.

QC (Validation) and Data Analysis

In such stage, we are segmenting the data based on the desired analysis Level.

Reporting Stage

This Step to be done based on an Online Dashboard or Normal / Offline PPT presentation.