Remote detailing simply refers to a meeting between a salesperson or MSL and an HCP for online detailing. They may now communicate “remotely” thanks to technology, instead of being in the same room. HCPs have received an invitation to join a meeting remotely, examine an eDetailing presentation on their preferred device, and connect remotely. HCPs may see information, ask questions, and participate in conversations exactly like they would in person with a competent remote detailing system. These sessions often take place one-on-one. Yet, one benefit of using remote technology is that several people may join a call at once. This is very helpful when trying to bring together doctors from all over the world or offer educational services to a whole department.

Virtual Detailing

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Virtual Detailing​, also known as electronic detailing, is a now-well-recognized method of enhancing pharmaceutical and med tech companies’ efficiency in customer interaction and enabling the provision of better service to stakeholders such as healthcare providers (HCPs).

E-detailing essentially digitizes sales information and makes it available on a mobile platform. This enables interaction and increases interest in HCPs. Moreover, it guarantees presentation tracking, giving you information to assist you in better fulfilling HCP demands. 


Having more accessibility to the extremities & far cities.

Value Proposition

Cost effective compared to any other channel of communication considering the value it leaves.

Time Saving

It is a faster compared to the normal F2F visits.


Very few companies are utilizing such new approach.

Remote detailing advantages

Remote detailing has several advantages for both your company and your customers.

Heightened interest

Remote detailing isn’t a passive display when done right. It ought to be interactive, giving HCPs (or other stakeholders) the chance to interact with the information. 

More effect

It also gives representatives the chance to emphasize critical points with powerful content formats, such as moving graphics and video. 

Data collection to better understand customers

Because Remote detailing presentations allow for interactivity, you may learn more about the information that HCPs are truly interested in depending on how much they interact with it. 

Content archiving

An electronic detailer may give representatives and MSLs quick access to all scientific information on pharmaceutical items (as well as extra content pieces), which is difficult with conventional paper-based communications. This is in addition to your key product justifications.

Updated material more easily

Due to their digital nature, Remote detailing may be frequently updated with new information that incorporates the lessons discovered from customer data, even when sales representatives are on the road.

Experience consistency

Sales representatives, medical science liaisons (MSLs), and other members of your customer team can consistently deliver a high-quality experience thanks to effective e-detailing.

Specifically aimed communication

It enables corporate reps to communicate with HCPs individually and provide “just-for-you” messaging by recording how each client interacts and using advanced analytics.