Social Media Listening

What We Proffer At DeepDive MEA is:

We support you understand how people feel about you and your competitors. It’s not just counting the number of times your brand gets mentioned, by:

(1) Tracking the social media platforms for all types of mentions and conversations related to your brand.

(2) Analyzing them for insights to discover opportunities to act.

Understanding how people feel about your brand helps you keep your marketing and product development efforts on track. It also allows you to respond right away to positive or negative posts.


Eventually, you would get a great insights on:

(1) Tracking Your Brand Health & Finding Pain Points.

(2) Getting the Competitor Situation & their movements.

(3) Identifying The Industry Trends, Plus,

(4) Engaging With your Customers & Identify Influencers And Advocates.

(5) Managing Crisis,

(6) Discovering New Opportunities & Leads