Consumer Research

Consumer Decision

We believe that the motivation and purchase behavior of the targeted customers that we identify help different businesses understand customer psychology and create detailed purchasing behavior profiles.

We Also believe that the actual importance of the consumer research lies in :

– Understanding The Market Readiness.

– Identifying The Right Target Consumers (Based on Either Geographical, Socioeconomic or Behavioral Segmentation).

– Uncover The Product/Service Progress and Health Through Continuous Feedback.


What You Will Get In Front:

– Improving Your Brand Equity.

– Boosting Your Sales.

Research Objectives We Handle

We offer a variety of consumer research studies; based on where your brand stands in the market, and based on your current product life cycle stage:

– Market Landscape Understanding.

– Brand Health View.

– Customer Satisfaction.

– NPs.

– Usage and Attitudes.

– Concept Testing.

– Pricing Studies.

– Ads Assessment.

– Till the most complex multi-objectives market landscape study.

Methodologies We Conduct

We conduct all types of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodologies:

– Focus Group Discussion (Full & Mini FGD)

– In-depth Interview (IDI)

– Telephonic Depth Interview (TDI)

– Dual-Depth & Triad-Depth Interview (DDI)

– Ethnography & Diary

– Observation & Mystery Shopping

– Eye Tracking

– F2F Interview (CAPI)

– Telephonic Interview (CATI)

– Online Interviews (CAWI)

– Telephonic Assisted Web Interview (TAWI)

– Patient Record Form

– Audit

– App-Powered Research